Podcasting is the new black

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Just over half of all Australians have listened to a podcast, 16% in the past week

Build an

Podcasting is a no brainer for your business. Join the podcast revolution.


Podcasting gives you the opportunity for a direct connection to your audience.


Podcasting allows you to reach a global audience. Find a bigger audience faster.


Podcasting is on-demand content so your audience can connect at any time.

We can help you succeed in podcasting. Fast!


Get your podcast started with this, entirely FREE, podcasting guide. We cover everything you need to go from just an idea to launching your podcast.



We provide you with knowledge to create a world-class podcast. We use industry leading tools to manage hosting & distribution of your podcast.

$ 14
99 Per Month


We offer complete post production services, from sourcing intro/outro music, episode editing or graphic elements. We also provide video editing services for vodcasts.

$ 59
99 Per Month


A complete

  • Develop from an idea into a show audiences can't miss an episode of.
  • Find out what gear & setup you'll need to be comfortable making regular content.
  • Audio & recording techniques for high quality listening.
  • Podcast SEO.
  • Uploading & managing your podcast with JAMLAB.
  • Launching & growing your podcast.

15 years of broadcasting experience

  • JAMLAB has over 15 years of broadcast media experience. We know what works for major advertisers and now you can level the playing field. Start your podcast off on the right path to success.

Managed Podcast Hosting


JAMLAB will customise your website for podcasts and provide a show specific website, so you have a great place to share your podcast content with your audience.

Podcast Submission

Your podcast will be submitted to iTunes and any other directories relevant to your podcast genre. If you wan to be added to a specific directory, let us know.

Industry Leading Tools

JAMLAB uses the best available tools to optimise delivery of your podcast to your listeners. Our solutions allow prices to remain low, even if you see a large spike in traffic.


Get insights into which episodes are resonating with your audience, so you know what they want more of. Use this valuable data to help achieve your goals faster.


For $59.99 per month, you can have peace of mind that your podcast quality will remain constant. Once you have recorded your show, login to JAMLAB and upload your recording along with any supporting information and show notes. Here are a few of the things we can assist with:

  • Background noise removal
  • Volume level balance
  • Cut out mistakes
  • Add music stings: intro/outro
  • Join together several recordings
  • Removal of long pauses
  • Add musical interstitial
  • Insert advertising or messages
  • Tag the recording with metadata
  • Upload the remastered recording
  • Update any technical issues
  • 72 hour turnaround

We then perform some wizardry to make your recording better and conform to the standards required from podcast platforms. We include all the necessary metadata and artwork required to make your podcast get discovered by your audience.

We also offer premium video post production services for vodcasting or vlogging.

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